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; le dorkstar

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, I'll work on it! Meanwhile, fic! xD

They made it.

Not many people believed in them, truth be told. Sure, Grissom hardly raised an eyebrow when he found out, Catherine merely extended a hand out to a Warrick who was reaching to the back of his jeans to take his wallet out. Greg did a bizarre skip-dance-jig...thing that left David wanting to soak his eyes in acid while Nick looked on with amusement. Sara gave them one of her patented looks as if to say "What?" but they both knew that this was only the beginning. They were going to prove it to them.

Two years.

And here they were, under the covers, Nick slightly snoring and David contemplating whether to get up and empty his bladder or let Nick continue suffocating him to death with his hand thrown over David's chest. He decided on staying, he was too tired to straighten up their entangled legs, he could hardly see whose leg ended where and really, who invented bladders anyway?

He sighed and craned his neck to the left, stealing a glance at their digital clock. 3:10 in the morning. He looked over at Nick, studying the man's features. Two years. He reached out and brought his hand around Nick's waist, pulling him closer if that was even possible.

The calm after the storm.

Kez, your word is...Fragile.
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