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Of all things his 10-year-old niece, Lisa, could have wanted to visit in all of Las Vegas, it had to be dolphins. David had no choice but to relent, or suffer her wrath, also commonly known as The Tantrum. David had, of course, tried to change her mind, perhaps bringing her to the nearby park for a game of soccer between them or simply have a picnic there but no, her mind was fixed.

Dolphins it was.

They were packing for the trip, sun block, shades, emergency lollipop, when the phone unexpectedly rang. David rarely had callers seeing as how he wasn’t that…social. Jacqui often called for the sake of gnawing his ears to death with pieces of information that simply did not have one inch of significance to him and the occasional call from Archie to check out a new flick or Ronnie, to find out if he could baby-sit. The only other people who called were house agents who simply did not understand the meaning of “I work in the law department, get me off your list pronto before I scream “harassment”” and of course, Nick.


Nick it was.

“Hey Dave, up for lunch?”

“No, I’m heading to the zoo with Lisa.”

He could feel the smile from the other end of the line.

“You? The zoo?”

“Yes me, Stokes, does that seem impossible to you?”

“Let’s consider this, shall we. You. Kids. Screaming kids, I might add. Tears. Tantrums. Animals. Screaming kids. Crowds. Junk food. Have I mentioned screaming kids?”

“Cute, Stokes, the point please, before I hang up.”

“Can I come with?”

David’s eyes widened. The Texan never failed to amaze him.

“Come with? Have you taken your medicine? We’re going to the zoo oh enlightened one. The zoo.”

“I know. I’ve always loved animals, you know that. I’ll pay for my own ticket, honest.”

“I’m not worried about money, I’m worried about handling another kid when I’m already full with a 10-year-old.”

“I’ll behave, I promise. How about I throw in a complimentary blowjob?”

“Jesus, Nick. Lisa’s two feet away from me! Fine, meet us at the entrance in half an hour. And you’re paying for your own ticket.”


The line went dead.

Fin xD

Your word is…Float(:
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