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Meal-times. Those were the only things that confused everyone in the night-shift other than their mind-boggling cases. Breakfast was at dinner-time, Lunch at supper and Dinner at breakfast and who knows what else if not for the vending machine in the hallway.

Because that was where David usually got his food supply. Skittles, maybe a few crackers to keep the day going, he didn’t mind waiting until the end of shift to get proper food. But today though, it looks like he isn’t going to eat alone.

Nick Stokes had asked him out to dinner. Breakfast. Whatever, it still involved eating. David, who was rather occupied when Nick had asked him, had paused for a moment to dwell on the shock he had received, before stammering a quiet “Sure,” and giving the larger man a small smile before going back to work.

He still had no idea why Nick asked him out, though. It wasn’t that he was…unattractive, no, nothing like that. He just doesn’t seem to be the person you would want to have a meal with, let alone start a conversation with while eating. So he did what a curious idiot would do. He asked.

“So, why the sudden interest?”

“In what?” Nick answered, his mouth full of pancakes.


“I’m not sure, but the last time I checked, eating was an everyday thing and I was feeling hungry so I put two and two—“
David cut him off.

“I meant breakfast with me. Why? Run out of people? Warrick has his wife so I understand that, but what about Greg? You guys seem pretty close and—“

Nick cut him off this time.

“What’s so wrong about having breakfast with you?”

“Dinner,” he corrected before adding, “Let’s just say when you’ve succeeded in having a meal with me especially after work, you’ve hit rock bottom because most people I know would rather ask Grissom instead,”

“That’s not true, David,”

“Like you would know...” David trailed off, munching on his waffles.

“I asked you because I wanted to, not because you’re a last minute resort, because you’re not and besides...”

Nick leaned over the table and captured David’s lips against his own and pressed them gently before reluctantly pulling away, revealing a stunned David.

“...I’ve been waiting to do that all day, y’know?” he smirked before going back to his pancakes.

Your word is....newspaper:P
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Damn, was that cute.

I love you. XD That totally cheered me up!
Thanks! C'mon, newspaper! I wanna see newspaper! LOL.

So cute and sweet and lovely and... Before I loose every coherency and start babbling, just this: *sigh*

Love, Electra
Thank you!
Oh this was cute. I now also have a sudden craving for pancakes. I like that David just asked what Nick's deal was, such a David thing to do.

Yeah, I suppose everyone gets paranoid at times. Pancakes and waffles, most definitely(:
Sorry I've been late on the comments, Fries! RL is sucking away my life force! (Okay, I've been making presents and decorating trees, but you know what I mean.) But now I get to squee over David/Nick cuteness!!!

Graveyard meals get me too. In one of my fics, Ryan Wolfe (CSI: Miami. Do you watch?) has to deal with trying to label mealtimes and he loves Skittles too! Gosh, Skittles are the best!

LOL! David thinks he's a "curious idiot"? That's great! And I love the easy conversation between our two favorite guys. David has a question and Nick answers, back and forth without a sweat. Ah, true love. ^_^

And the kiss! I love it! David being stunned, Nick admitting he'd want to do it all day... you've made me so happy. :D
Yeah I watch Miami, it's pretty good but we get older seasons here, I think. Ryan's still in it though.
More fic coming up, though I'll posting it over at your comm. instead as it's inappropriate here(: