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HELLO! :D *spastic smile* First post in this community! Nikki(snapes_gurl) has given me the chance of going first so...here we go! If you're still confused about what we're doing, check out the userinfo, everything should be there and if there's anything you wanna add, just tell us!(:

Feedback is very much appreciated as always and ANYONE is allowed to join to read the fics(yay!) but posting is only allowed to me and Nikki. Nyeeeeh *cheeky face*

Onward forth! I have chosen my word to be Spanish.

David was 11 when he saw a puppy running and jumping around at the park nearby, playing with its ball and the owner lovingly looking on. He had told his mother about it, and had asked for a puppy himself. His mother however and denied him of the sorts and bought him a toy puppy instead. David decided that life was unfair.

He was 21 when he had landed the job at McDonalds, as a part time kinda thing to pay for his daily expenses. He had been badly received by the senior staff and they hardly communicated with him unless for a need-to basis and he had been fine with that, no problems at all. He was in university for crap’s sake; he obviously knew how to work all the machines that they had. So when the day came, he had no idea why his paycheck was cut off by 25 dollars. He proceeded to argue with the manager but his only result was losing the job. David was realizing how true his realization at 11 was.

But this? This was the all-time high. He had had it up to here with life. Why? Because no one had informed him Nick could speak Spanish.


A/N: Just a quick one coz I just got back from camp and am extremely lethargic but I managed to coax this out of my brain, thank God.

Nikki my darling, your word is...Temperature(:
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