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David Hodges had growled, glared, insulted and threatened bodily harm. All of it had been pointless in the face of Jacqui Franco. He should have known really there was no getting out of the monthly out of work meeting of the lab-rats. Even being in hospital, was apparently not a good enough excuse.

So here he was, in his nice, once clean uncluttered hospital room, with half a dozen of his so called friends and the unfortunate pleasure of science fiction television. Because of course it wasn't enough he had to endure having his appendix taken out, or put up with the mess and mayhem of his fellow lab-rats in his room, no, it wasn't enough, it had to be Archie's week to choose what they were going to watch and of course, Archie had picked science fiction. David's only saving grace was that it at least wasn't star trek, although what it was, he had no idea, he'd stopped paying attention after Archie had started talking about life sucking space vampires. At least, David would admit, the lead actor was kinda hot, if he had to suffer, at least he got to eye up some talent while doing so.

"Hey Nick!" Bobby's greeting snapped David out of his half asleep haze, forcing him to drag his eyes away from the screen, where the cute Scottish doctor - and for once David could say, the accent wasn't half bad, unlike most actors, this guy actually seemed to be able to do the accent right - was talking about nano-bots or something equally silly.

"Hey. Maybe I should come back later…" Nick said, smiling cautiously.

"No, you will come in here and save me from this rabble," David insisted.

"Oh charming!" Jacqui said, throwing a cheese puff at David.

"Hey now, lets not waste the cheese puffs," Nick said laughing.

"See, I'm being attacked on my death bed!" David said dramatically.

"You want to be on your death bed, that can be arranged," Jacqui threatened menacingly.

"Nick… she's threatening me," David pouted up at the Texan CSI.

"I'll defend your honour, but not your life, she'd only kill me too if I tried," Nick said, laughing.

"You are so not getting any," David grouched.

"Well no, because the doctors and nurses frown on that sort of thing after surgery," Nick agreed with a grin.

"I get no respect!" David huffed haughtily, but it was off set but the amused twinkle in his eyes.

"It's true," Nick agreed again.

"Bastard, I think I'd rather have nano-bot boy over there, at least he seems intelligent," David said, flickering his hand at the paused TV screen.

Nick grinned, leaning down so only David could hear him. "I learned from the best."

Okay psychater you wanted to do this so your prompt is... Dolphins
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