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Tim McGraw.

Well, this one was expected, it was natural for anyone from Texas to have at least an album of him. But as David Hodges browsed through Nick Stokes' CD collection, he found himself staring at more than 8 albums of the said singer, and was surprised at how big of a fan Nick really was. David had heard a lot about Tim McGraw, if not from a passer-by then on the radio and frankly, though he would never admit it, his songs and voice weren't half bad.

Brad Paisley.

David racked his brain before remembering who he was. Ahhh yes. This was the man, the man Nick had dragged him to see live in concert, right when they just started being friends instead of..something more. Or less. Whatever. Normal people would naturally bring you to a movie or dinner, for a first date, but not Nick. Stokes had had him cornered a day before the concert in a nervous wreck but firmly said in caveman language,

"You. Me. Brad Paisley concert. Tomorrow. I'll come at 7," and left without saying another word just as his cell phone rang and he answered it with the usual Southern twang David liked so much. He did, afterall, agree to go on a date with Nick but he never expected it to be a concert. By a country singer he hardly knew, no less.

Kenny Chesney.

This one was easy to remember, he had heard all about him on the news and whatnot. The said singer was supposedly gay or bisexual because he wanted to end his relationship with Renee' Zellwegger and...hang on. David's eyebrows shot up as he frowned, trying to remember why he kept up with all these kinds of information. Maybe Nick was getting to him.

But then, David's eyes widened as he saw the name on the next CD.

Britney Spears.

He gingerly took it out of it's original place, and scanned it slowly before flipping to the back to see if it was an original copy and to read the list of songs when he felt a pair of strong hands slide around his waist, a warmth on his back and hot breath next to his ear.

"Guilty pleasure," Nick whispered as he took an earlobe into his mouth and softly sucked on it.

All David could do was moan before he found himself being steered to the bedroom, Nick's hands still roaming about everywhere leaving hot trails of fire as the CD lay forgotten on the floor.


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